Rachel A.
Submitted 09/27/21
My experience has very lovely from the start. Dr. Yoon is knowledgeable and nice.

Elizabeth T.
Submitted 07/02/21
I have a positive experience with Dr. Yoon as a first-timer I felt very comfortable with our conversation & felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. Highly recommended.

Matt E.
Submitted 06/08/21
Originally I went to Dr. Yoon for assistance with stamina and energy. After much success with those, she went on to help me in a number of ways to improve the quality of my life including blood sugar, muscle retention, digestion, respiration, circulation, joint pain, mood, metabolism, and immunity. I’m over 65 and Dr. Yoon is the most knowledgeable and empathetic doctor I have met.

Amanda O.
Submitted 03/28/21
Always a pleasure coming here I feel like holistic care is really considered and I appreciate all that is done.

Giorgia Z.
Submitted 02/10/21
Dr. Yoon is a true holistic professional. She listen carefully to any concerns you might have and meet you with great empathy along the process. I higlhy recommend her.

Isabelle M.
Submitted 01/16/21
Minna doesn’t just cure the problem you call her for. She listens very carefully, and with positivity she brings you to understand everything that surrounds the situation, she connects all the points thus leading you to take your own responsibility for getting the results. Her holistic approach creates a ground of trust, understanding, respect. Already, it seems that half the problem is solved! I am very happy to have found such a wonderful doctor and person. Thank you Minna!

Jorge A.
Submitted 08/06/20
Dr Yoon attention was very satisfactory, I think she cover all the points to assist me with a cure or improve over my affections. I still have my problems on the skin but I hope soon Will be back to normal

Lisa J.
Submitted 06/05/20
Dr. Yoon is a very caring and very thorough doctor.

Rachel A.
Submitted 06/04/20
I go for acquepunture and find it a reslaxing experince and want to contune that. Also Dr. Yoons insight into people and what I need that day interms of where to put the neddles. I look forward to getting back in the most aprotate way.

Jamie O.
Submitted 06/04/20
Dr. Minna Yoon is great. Very knowledgeable and committed to improving the health and lives of her patients.

Scott D.
Submitted 11/07/19
Dr. Yoon knows her stuff. Personable, unrushed, and with a wealth of knowledge and skill, she makes a visit to her office a learning experience.

Deborah P.
Submitted 11/05/19
Always. Always. A true healer

Ron G.
Submitted 06/26/19
Dr. Minna, you take time to answer all questions and is better than any doctor for being thorough and goes beyond clinical standards.

Art R.
Submitted 06/08/19
Thank you, Dr. Yoon, for listening, asking the right questions, and answering my questions. I am pleased to say I am one of your patients and am healing under your care.

Tim M.
Submitted 08/16/18
My experience with Dr. Yoon was exceptional. The treatment is a healing wonder.

James L.
Submitted 04/30/18
Dr Yoon is very good at what she does and Genuinely caring about her Patient. I was in a lot of pain with my lower back, now I am In tip top shape and ready to go back to work.

Jocelyn M.
Submitted 10/04/16
Look at your reflection in the mirror. You want to feel better. Where do I start. My road to recovery was long with setbacks as you may well know. The issue was that even though I had excellent health care, my physicians could not seem to resolve my issues. I decided on alternative medicine. Since my background is in medical research, I wrote down a protocol of how to begin my path to a healthier me. Dr. Minna Yoon, Naturopath was the person. She will patiently explain the options for your healing process, the type of testing needed to start your baseline of where to start. I honestly want to share this amazing healing process with you. When you have extreme headaches, low energy it can be so difficult for you to find your right path. Whether you have adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, eczema, Methlylation issues, insomnia, food allergies, and so much more, Dr. Minna Yoon can help you.

Jamie M.
Submitted 09/14/16
Dr. Yoon has significantly improved my health. I am sincerely grateful to her and hold her professional knowledge, expertise, and skill in great respect. I can not recommend her more highly and without any reservation whatsoever. Drr. Yoon is also extremely ethical and kind.

Roger M L.
Submitted 09/13/16
Always grateful for the wisdom, skill and heart brings to her practice!

Wendy Y.
Submitted 09/06/16
Dr. Yoon is very professional and friendly. Also feel relax and comfortable during treatment.